GIG REVIEW - Faraday & Alan Triggs at Kash 22 - by Tilted Reviews

First things first; if you are a lover of music and you live near Frodsham, then you need to check out Kash 22. It's walls are a musical encyclopedia peppered with instruments, memorabilia and Bowie tributes plastered all over. Even the Jam-Jar cocktails are named after Rock ‘n’ Roll classics (any bar that names a drink after Alabama Shakes gets my vote). I also spy a post-it-note behind the bar that states “If the music is too loud then you’re too old!” - Brilliant. I’m seriously considering writing that in my neighbours Christmas card this year... Tonight, Frodsham is deserted, yet Kash 22 is booming. Here’s why:

Side note: Tonight’s gig is free! This is what Softlad Thursdays are all about.

Alan Triggs kicks things into gear with a solid acoustic set and as usual this lad never disappoints. Trigg’s set includes live staples ‘She’s the One’, fan favourite ‘Algy’ and a biblical cover of The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’ which Alan absolutely nails. I also buzz off how many people I hear asking “Is this a cover?” during the song ‘Algy’. He has a way of putting such genuine emotion into his lyrics which clearly shows the talent in his songwriting. I also must give him serious props for playing a superb sounding new tune with a capo on the 9th fret (I didn’t even know that was possible!).

Now onto the main act. It’s been roughly 24 hours since I first heard Indie/Rock 4-piece Faraday live at Kash 22 and my ears are still ringing… in a good way! Their radio friendly catchy-as-f**k songs seem to completely win over the crowd in the first 5 minutes. Think Maccabees song structures meets Motörhead’s volume. Faraday combine elements of heavy rock, Indie and just a dash of blues which creates this enormous noise that just makes you want to dance, drink and sing even if (like me) you don’t know any of the words. It’s a mix of Peter Hook basslines, Noel Gallagher-esque vocals and isolated reverb driven guitar, yet it sounds refreshingly new. The band even have a (literal) flag waving fan stage-right bawling loudly along to his favourite tunes, it’s a true sight to behold.

I guarantee that anyone here tonight seeing Faraday for the first time will be singing along to at least three tracks next time they see the boys live. Anyone can write a catchy song, but these are memorable tracks with real feeling and true melody. That is not an easy thing to accomplish. Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but I love watching bands who clearly get a kick from playing live, and these fella’s grin, laugh and dance their way through forty five minutes of original tunes; the locals love it! It takes a lot to please a mid-week crowd, yet I still can’t believe how many people were fist bumping along on the tables to the last song of the night (It’s a Thursday night people control yourselves!). By the time the last chord rings out everyone in the room is beaming, and rightly so. Faraday killed it. #FaradayLovesYa

All things considered next time someone asks me if I’m staying in this Thursday night it’s a clear answer from me…Don’t talk Softlad.